We want you to realize that we are different. We have over 12 years of in-the-trenches agile experience at all levels of the organization. We’ve coached individual teams, technology groups, and entire organizations. And we’ve been successful at assisting teams to achieve the consistently high-performance levels that are the hallmark of solid agile teams.

We’re not just any agile coaching and consulting firm. We’ve got the deep and varied experience that drives results. And all of our partner coaches bring this variety and depth into play for our clients. We think it’s one of the things that truly differentiates us from the crowd.

We’ve found that after some initial training it’s best that an agile  team “dive in” and start iterating on their work as soon as possible. However, to be most  effective they need some guidance along this path until they get  comfortable with their agile techniques and team behaviors. Since agility has very little prescriptive guidance for what to do, we’ve found  this coaching phase to be critical for team & organizational success.

We speak in terms of this as a “Coaching at the Endpoints” model, meaning – the most effective times to interact and adjust your agile approaches are at the beginning and end of your iterations. To that end, our  coaching involvement is part-time and focused there, with sampling of  team activity during the iteration so we can have some technical and  team context. We’ll jump-start your team, then coach them during the transition from one sprint to the next, for 2-3-4+ sprints. Once they start gaining confidence and showing solid results, we tend to back off in the coaching. Leaving the team or teams to continue their journey.

Afterwards, we prefer to periodically check-in and assess your progress–providing ongoing guidance. We feel this “light touch” model better aligns with the spirit of agile self-directed teams and their continuous improvement.